How to Make Tasty Tasty Mike's Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce Recipe

Mike's Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce.

Mike's Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce You can have Mike's Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce using 15 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Mike's Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce

  1. You need of Gochujang Roasted Hot Pepper Paste.
  2. It's of Fresh Green Onions [green & white ends - chopped].
  3. Prepare of Thai Chilies [stems removed - fine minced].
  4. Prepare of Fresh Cracked Black Pepper.
  5. You need of Fine Minced Lemon Grass.
  6. It's of Fresh Garlic [smashed - fine minced].
  7. Prepare of Fresh Cilantro Leaves.
  8. You need of LG JalapeƱo [diced].
  9. Prepare of Fresh Thai Basil Leaves.
  10. Prepare of Fresh Ginger [minced].
  11. Prepare of Rice Wine Vinegar.
  12. You need of Chicken Or Beef Stock.
  13. You need of Quality Fish Sauce [or more to taste].
  14. You need of Brown Sugar [or more to taste].
  15. Prepare of Soy Sauce.

Mike's Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce instructions

  1. Here's what you'll need..
  2. Authors Note: You can find all of the ingredients I've listed at your local Asian market. What's more, you'll get the highest quality and best prices there - as opposed to your local supermarket. Pictured below is a great brand of Korean Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste..
  3. Fine mince all of your vegetables. Keep Basil and Cilantro leaves whole. Wear gloves when chopping peppers..
  4. Gently simmer everything except for your Roasted Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste, Thai Basil and Cilantro leaves for 10 minutes in a small pot..
  5. Turn off heat and add your Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste, Thai Basil and Cilantro leaves. Mix well and allow sauce to cool on the stove. This is what's called, "a layered effect," or, "steeping.".
  6. That's it! Pictured is my Asian Sweet Dipping Sauce and Cream Cheese Wontons. Serve as a dipping sauce - hot or chilled. Or, marinate your favorite meats or fish in it for several hours. Even overnight. Just make sure your sauce has cooled off sufficiently before marinating your fish or meats. Garnish with fresh Thai Basil and Cilantro..
  7. Examples: Marinating thick chicken breasts in sweet Asian dipping sauce for 3+ hours..
  8. Oven baked marinated chicken breasts with juices and tight fitting lid at 425° for 35 - 40 minutes..
  9. Then, I grilled the chicken breasts. Grilled just until a decent char has formed..
  10. Oven baked and grill charred chicken breasts nested on a bed of pan fried rice with marinade drizzled over both..
  11. Marinating Mahi-Mahi in my Sweet Asian Sauce. To be marinated overnight - pan glazed to seize the sugar. Then, grilled for 10 minutes on a cedar plank..
  12. Pictured: Glazed Mahi-Mahi piled high with my Sweet Asian Sauce mixture over a bed of fluffy rice..
  13. Enjoy this simple taste of Asia!.

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