So this Cook Tasty Treats Asian Fusion Pasta with Chicken Popcorn Recipe

Asian Fusion Pasta with Chicken Popcorn.

Asian Fusion Pasta with Chicken Popcorn You can cook Asian Fusion Pasta with Chicken Popcorn using 32 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Asian Fusion Pasta with Chicken Popcorn

  1. You need of pasta-.
  2. It's of pasta of your liking.
  3. Prepare of water.
  4. Prepare of butter.
  5. It's of garlic.
  6. It's of chilli flakes.
  7. Prepare of soy sauce.
  8. You need of oyster sauce.
  9. Prepare of Parmesan.
  10. Prepare of spring onion.
  11. Prepare of chicken-.
  12. You need of chicken breast.
  13. Prepare of spices-.
  14. You need of star anise.
  15. It's of cinnamon stick.
  16. You need of cloves.
  17. It's of fennel seed.
  18. You need of black peppercorn.
  19. It's of seasoning-.
  20. Prepare of white pepper.
  21. You need of black pepper.
  22. Prepare of chilli flakes.
  23. You need of salt.
  24. Prepare of marinade-.
  25. You need of ginger.
  26. It's of garlic.
  27. You need of soy sauce.
  28. You need of mirin.
  29. Prepare of five spice.
  30. You need of eggs.
  31. You need of potato starch.
  32. Prepare of potato starch.

Asian Fusion Pasta with Chicken Popcorn step by step

  1. First make the Chinese spice: Blend the fennel seedS,cinnamon, black peppercorns, star anise and cloves into a powder form.
  2. Next mix your salt, white and black pepper and chilli flakes together, put half of the seasoning into a separate bowl and save the rest for later, grate the piece of ginger into your bowl along with a clove of garlic.
  3. Put in 2 tbsp of soy sauce with the mirin and your five-spice that we made earlier.
  4. Put in 1/2 tsp of potato starch mix well and leave that aside as we cut the chicken breast.
  5. Do the butterfly cut way but both sides are not attached.
  6. Cut you chicken into bite size pieces and toss it into the marinade that we made and make sure they all get covered.
  7. While marinating the chicken we can finely chop our garlic and some spring onions.
  8. Next put your butter into a pan, until all melted put your chopped garlic in, along with your chilli flakes.
  9. Put your soy sauce and oyster sauce into the sauce too.
  10. Put your sauce aside and put water into a pot and then some salt to season the water add the pasta in,depends on what pasta youre using and the amount of time to cook.
  11. While your pasta is cooking coat your chicken in egg and potato starch.
  12. Coat it well and fry till golden brown and place it on a wire rack and season it with the leftover seasoning we saved from earlier..
  13. Pasta should be cooked now and put into the sauce and tossed, put the Parmesan cheese in while tossing.
  14. Serve on plate while hot garnish with spring onion and more cheese !!!.

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