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Buttercream Icing. Buttercream icing is a rich, creamy topping for cakes and cupcakes. Also known as buttercream frosting, buttercream icing tastes vastly better than store-bought icing. This is the BEST recipe for buttercream and makes a great base for other frosting flavors!

Buttercream Icing How To Make a Basic Buttercream Frosting. by Tessa Huff. Today I'm sharing with you how to make perfect buttercream Icing. Buttercream frosting is a staple for cupcakes, cakes and many other baked goods. You can cook Buttercream Icing using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Buttercream Icing

  1. It's of Icing.
  2. It's of unsalted butter.
  3. You need of vegetable shortening.
  4. It's of confectioner sugar.
  5. It's of vanilla extract.
  6. It's of whipping cream.

Gale Gand makes a guaranteed quick version of classic buttercream frosting. This buttercream icing is still is amazing, melt in your mouth, whippy, ultimate swirly cupcake worthy. It was fantastic on the homemade chocolate cake I made to go with it the very first time I whipped it up. This is THE Best Buttercream Frosting recipe and the only one we use.

Buttercream Icing step by step

  1. Sift confectioner sugar so as to get rid of any lumps..
  2. Soften butter at room temperature and beat for 5 minutes until fluffy and creamy..
  3. Add the vegetable shortening and beat together with butter for 3 minutes until It's incorporated..
  4. Start adding the sugar little by little until It's all well incorporated and beat for 5 minutes after all the sugar has been added..
  5. Add vanilla extract and whipping cream, beat for another 5 minutes until fluffy and creamy..
  6. Note: You can add other flavors and color the icing any way you like. If too soft you can add more sugar little by little until the desired consistency is reached..

It is easy to make and anything you put it on will taste better. Use this simple buttercream icing recipe to decorate your birthday cakes, cupcakes and sandwich biscuits. Try adding a little food colouring gel for a splash of colour to your buttercream. Buttercream, in its most simple form, is a mixture of butter and sugar that has been creamed together to make a fluffy frosting. The Publix Buttercream Icing recipe is perfection!

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