Easiest Way to Make Tasty Food Roasted sausage and potato casserole Recipe

Roasted sausage and potato casserole. Fortunately, sausage and potatoes is one of those meals that doesn't really need any extras. Simply store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator until ready to enjoy. This hearty casserole has become one of my family's favorites.

Roasted sausage and potato casserole You May Also Like: Chicken Sausage and Peppers Macaroni Casserole. Turmeric Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes. A healthy breakfast casserole with sweet potatoes, sausage, and kale. You can cook Roasted sausage and potato casserole using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Roasted sausage and potato casserole

  1. You need of potatoes.
  2. It's of maple breakfast sausage.
  3. It's of carrots.
  4. Prepare of beef broth.
  5. Prepare of salt and pepper.
  6. You need of onion.
  7. You need of garlic.
  8. It's of Italian and herb seasoning.

This simple, clean recipe is perfect for feeding the whole family! How to Make a Breakfast Casserole: Preparing this recipe is a cinch, and if necessary, you can make it in parts to accommodate your busy schedule. Cut link sausage into small diagonal slices. Arrange the sliced potatoes, overlapping slightly, in bottom of pan.

Roasted sausage and potato casserole step by step

  1. Wash, peel and dice potatoes.
  2. Fry breakfast sausage and cut in small pieces.
  3. Chop carrots and onions to your liking..
  4. In large bowl Mix potatoes, sausage, beef broth, onions, carrots, salt and pepper, Italian herb seasoning, and garlic. Then transfer to large casserole dish..
  5. Cover and bake for approximately 45 mins to 1 hour..

Top with half of the cheese. Cut sausage in half crosswise and lengthwise and This was a good casserole. Because we have to watch our cholestoral, I used turkey sausage and low fat cheese. This cheap and easy sausage casserole is comfort food at its best. Not only is it filling, it's simple, uses just six ingredients and the kids will love it too!

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