How to Prepare Deliciously My Shells and Meat Sauce Recipe

My Shells and Meat Sauce. Even my "meat-and-potatoes" husband often requests these filling and flavorful shells. Chock-full of veggies and cheese, they make great cold-weather fare. The filling is wonderful, the meat sauce adds a layer of flavor all it's own and then….there's more cheese.

My Shells and Meat Sauce Here's a great way to sneak spinach on your kids' plate! Here's a true crowd pleaser: pasta shells in a simple sauce of ground beef, tomatoes, and pesto, layered with mozzarella and Parmesan and baked until. This robust dish with its meat and tomatoes calls for a gutsy red wine from Italy. You can cook My Shells and Meat Sauce using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of My Shells and Meat Sauce

  1. Prepare of shells.
  2. You need of jar three cheese pasta sauce.
  3. You need of Brown sugar.
  4. It's of salt ,pepper.
  5. You need of garlic clove chopped.
  6. Prepare of oregano,basil ,thyme.
  7. Prepare of ground beef ,or Turkey.

A Chianti Classico Riserva's medium body, dried-cherry flavor. Welcome to the very first Pots, Pans, and Priscilla! One of my family's favorite meals is my four cheese stuffed shells with meat sauce. We used ground beef for a meat sauce, and next time I'd like to maybe try making this with ground sausage - yum!

My Shells and Meat Sauce instructions

  1. Cook pasta, and Cook meat with herbs ,garlic, salt, pepper drain then add sauce then let simmer..
  2. Add cheese and can make garlic toast.

If you prefer a meatless dish, I'm confident you could After filling the shells, brown the meat at the bottom of the Instant Pot. Then stack all the stuffed cheese shells on top of the meat. The BEST Homemade Meat Sauce has both beef and Italian sausage. It's perfect in lasagna or on spaghetti, and it comes together with easy pantry ingredients. A hearty meat sauce smothers savory stuffed shells.

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