How to Prepare Tasty Food French Vanilla Frosting Recipe

French Vanilla Frosting.

French Vanilla Frosting You can have French Vanilla Frosting using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of French Vanilla Frosting

  1. It's of eggs.
  2. It's of vanilla extract (2 capfuls).
  3. You need of powdered sugar.
  4. It's of butter.
  5. Prepare of food coloring, if desired.

French Vanilla Frosting instructions

  1. Melt butter 30 seconds in microwave, using a plastic mixing bowl.
  2. Add powdered sugar to mixing bowl.
  3. Slowly mix, low speed at first.
  4. Add eggs, vanilla.
  5. Mix very well.
  6. Serve or be fun and do colors. If you want a multitude of colors, spoon small amount of Frosting in separate bowls, a bowl for each color. Just make sure that you have equal amounts or you will run out of a color quicker.
  7. If desired a thinner Frosting, do a couple drops of milk at a time to get your desired thickness.

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