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Cream Cheese Icing. This recipe delivers a basic cream cheese frosting using just butter, cream cheese, confectioners' sugar, and vanilla. Can This Cream Cheese Frosting be Piped? Cream cheese frosting is difficult to pipe because it's so creamy.

Cream Cheese Icing Perfect for icing carrot cake, cupcakes, cookies. The secret to making perfect cream cheese icing is to let the butter and cream cheese come to room temperature before you start mixing them together. Gently press your finger into the butter and the. You can cook Cream Cheese Icing using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Cream Cheese Icing

  1. It's of butter.
  2. Prepare of cream cheese.
  3. Prepare of powdered sugar.
  4. It's of vanilla.
  5. Prepare of White Chocolate Liqueur.

Keep this recipe for Cream Cheese Icing as your go-to icing recipe. I've made a lot of versions of cream cheese icing over the years, but this recipe is my favorite easy, pipeable frosting. Whisk in cream cheese until smooth. Cream cheese icing is a sweet, tangy frosting that pairs perfectly with red velvet, carrot, banana, and spice cakes.

Cream Cheese Icing instructions

  1. Let butter and cream cheese come to room temperature..
  2. Mix it all together!.
  3. Refrigerate until needed..
  4. As for the Liqueur (which is completely optional) you can add more or less or even a different alcohol all together. I recommend a blend of white chocolate liqueur and razzmatazz. I did this on a chocolate cake and it turned out wonderfully..

Use this simple, versatile recipe to elevate your cookies, brownies, and other desserts, too! This Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe is sweet and tangy with a unique flavour. I've made this Cream Cheese Frosting for Carrot Cake but you can also pipe over. Cream Cheese - No low fat - please use full-fat cream cheese such as Philadelphia or Mascarpone. There is no butter in this recipe so a cream cheese fat is all the stability you get in this recipe.

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