See How To Do It Prepare Delicious Food Easy deer meat crock-pot lasagna. Recipe

Easy deer meat crock-pot lasagna.. Next, add a layer of noodles (you'll have to break some to make them fit), a layer of meat mixture, a layer of mozzarella, and a layer of ricotta mixture. EASY Crockpot Lasagna - Delicious layers of noodles, meat sauce and melted cheese cooked to perfection in the crockpot! Spread one fourth of the meat sauce in an ungreased slow cooker.

Easy deer meat crock-pot lasagna. This recipe for Pork Chops Marsala, with a rich and creamy cremini mushroom sauce, is perfect for easy an easy weeknight dinner or weekend entertaining. This Crock Pot Lasagna is fast and easy to make! A delicious meat sauce is layered with cheese & spinach filled ravioli and mozzarella cheese. You can have Easy deer meat crock-pot lasagna. using 10 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Easy deer meat crock-pot lasagna.

  1. Prepare of ground deer meat.
  2. Prepare of onion, chopped.
  3. You need of garlic cloves - chopped..
  4. It's of can of hunts garlic pasta sauce.
  5. Prepare of ounce can of tomato paste.
  6. Prepare of lasagna noodles.
  7. It's of two 8 ounce tubs of cottage cheese.
  8. Prepare of garlic salt, pepper, italian seasoning to taste.
  9. You need of bag of mozzarella cheese (or cheese of choice).
  10. Prepare of parmesan cheese.

This Lazy Crock Pot Lasagna is a family favorite! It seems we're always off at some activity or event and some nights it seems like everyone is going. This easy Crock Pot ground beef lasagna is made with no-boil lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese and A jar of spaghetti sauce and classic lasagna cheeses and seasonings makes this a delicious meal. For lasagna with a kick, look for hot or spicy Italian sausage.

Easy deer meat crock-pot lasagna. step by step

  1. Brown deer meat, onions, and garlic in pan..
  2. Add hunts sauce and tomato paste to the meat/onion mixture. Stir and warm. (Add another can of hunts sauce if you'd like it saucier.).
  3. Spoon a layer of meat/onion/garlic/tomato sauce mixture into bottom of crock pot..
  4. Add a *double layer of uncooked lasagna noodles, snapping the noodles to make fit in certain spots..
  5. Add cottage cheese layer, and other cheeses you'd like on top of cottage cheese. Top with more meat sauce mixture and repeat steps ; meat sauce, uncooked lasagna noodles, cottage cheese, mozzarella or Parmesan cheeses until the sauce is gone..
  6. Cover with lid and set to low for 4-41/2 hours..
  7. Enjoy!.

Links can be used if bulk sausage isn't available. Just remove the meat from the casings and cook as directed. Caesar salad and Italian bread make nice accompaniments to this delicious lasagna. I swear this works and in a large crock pot, the cooking time is even slower. Turn your harvested deer into lasagna!

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