Like This Make Appetizing Coco Sugar Fried Saba : Banana Caramel : Banana Cue (dessert / snack) Recipe

Coco Sugar Fried Saba : Banana Caramel : Banana Cue (dessert / snack). Place frying pan on a stove and turn settings to medium. Pour in the oil into the pan. #OMJtvCookingStyle #BananaCue Banana cue is simply deep fried ripe saba bananas coated with carmelized brown or white sugar. Banana cue or Banana Q (Tagalog: Banana kyu) is a popular snack food or street food in the Philippines.

Coco Sugar Fried Saba : Banana Caramel : Banana Cue (dessert / snack) Plantain bananas are cook in syrup then served with crushed ice, milk and tapioca pearls. The tapioca pearls and milk is but. We made these golden fried brown sugar sticky bananas called Banana Cue when my friend Angie was visiting Bjork and me in Cebu. You can cook Coco Sugar Fried Saba : Banana Caramel : Banana Cue (dessert / snack) using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Coco Sugar Fried Saba : Banana Caramel : Banana Cue (dessert / snack)

  1. You need of Saba (Cardava) bananas.
  2. You need of coconut sugar.
  3. Prepare of Cooking oil.

I took advantage of having another adult around during the school day and did something that I've said I would never do again: cook with my elementary aged students. Banana Cue is one of the most loved street food in the Philippines. "Saba" banana is only key element of this dish. It is a fruit usually grows in a tropical climate such as the Philippines. Filipino Banana Cue is made of fried banana on bamboo skewers and the most consumed as a mid-afternoon snack.

Coco Sugar Fried Saba : Banana Caramel : Banana Cue (dessert / snack) step by step

  1. Saba or Cardava or Cooking bananas are the fat plump ones, greenish to yellow with blackish markings as it ripens. In Manila it is a popular street & market food sold on sticks. I haven’t tried with plantains, not sure if we have those here or if its the same banana...try and let me know? :).
  2. Heat oil in pan. Prepare peeled bananas by slicing them or you can also cook whole like the traditional way in the Manila..
  3. Roll all sides of the banana in the coco sugar and drop in hot oil. Use low heat to prevent burning..
  4. When sugar melts turn it to the other side. Use a spatula or spoon to scoop back the sugar on to the banana if it separates. I turned them twice on each side before removing from the pan. Place on a plate and let it cool..
  5. The coco sugar will harden and become crisp as it cools. Delicious. I placed too much I think (2 Tbsps) so 1 Tbsp should be ok for 2 bananas. :) Enjoy!.

Banana Cue is one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines; it is made out of a deep fried banana coated with caramelized brown sugar served in Move the bananas around to have it coated with the caramelized sugar. Remove from wok one piece at a time and skewer it immediately, let it. (Filipino Caramelized Bananas , Banana Q, Banana Kyu, Bananacue). One of the most popular sweet snacks in the Philipines is banana cue, made by deep-frying saba bananas which are generously coated in a thick layer of caramelized sugar. Because they are usually enjoyed as street food, the. These banana desserts double up as lazy morning treats as well as a plate of french toast.

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