See How To Do It Make Tasty Treats penne ala vodka with chicken Recipe

penne ala vodka with chicken.

penne ala vodka with chicken You can have penne ala vodka with chicken using 11 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of penne ala vodka with chicken

  1. You need of vodka.
  2. You need of of butter.
  3. Prepare of onion (chopped).
  4. Prepare of 28 oz can crushed tomatoes.
  5. It's of heavy cream.
  6. It's of penne.
  7. Prepare of crushed pepper flakes.
  8. You need of pecorino romano cheese.
  9. It's of parmesan cheese.
  10. It's of garlic (crushed).
  11. Prepare of perdue chicken strips (original flavor).

penne ala vodka with chicken step by step

  1. saute stick of butter, garlic, onion, & crushed pepper.
  2. when garlic and onion simmered add can of crushed tomatoes cook about 10 mins then add chicken strips cook for another 5 min.
  3. start boiling water for penne.
  4. then add vodka continue simmering 10 mins.
  5. drain pasta and return to pot.
  6. then add sauce heavy cream the parmesan and pecorino romano cheese stir heat about another 5 mins then serve.

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